We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Broadcast……

If you have not already noticed, things here at the Blog War have significantly slowed down. We apologize, but hey, it’s summertime after all!

For most graduate students, summer does not necessarily mean patio beers, camping, and floats down the Bow River. Instead it means being free from classes, teaching assistant-ships, and research assistant-ships that take up a lot of time during the academic year, and actually being able to roll up our sleeves and get some serious work done. Also, it’s crunch time for more than a few of us who are trying to complete and defend our thesis by the beginning of fall semester. Best of luck to those deep in the trenches.

Until September comes around, we suspect that the Blog of War will be undergoing a hiatus of sorts. We still encourage CMSS students to submit their rants, opinions pieces, and general observations about life, but postings will be much more intermittent than during the academic year.

So to everyone at the Centre, and the few followers of our blog, we hope you enjoy your summer. We look forward to a new cohort of CMSS’ers that will be joining us in September.  No doubt, they will have much to say about life, graduate studies, CMSS, and the field of Strategic Studies.

Oh ya, If anyone in the new cohort is reading this and have any general questions about the program, we encourage you to leave a comment below and we will get back to you ASAP.  We still check the blog daily for comments.

In the meantime, enjoy this dancing bear!